Taylor Swift Wardrobe Malfunction

Taylor Swift is well-known for favoring floaty, feminine frocks (phew, how's that for alliteration?). Her signature style backfired on her unexpectedly, however, during her tour stop in St. Louis on Sunday.

Swift took the stage that evening to perform her hit "You Belong With Me," dressed in one of her trademark gowns. A wind machine on stage must have been ill-placed, because the singer stepped in front of it--and it blew her dress's swishy skirt right up, fully exposing her rear end!

Luckily, Swift was prepared for such a "wardrobe malfunction"--she was wearing nude-colored briefs, which offered complete coverage and kept the mishap decidedly G-rated.

Most admirably, Swift kept her cool during the little blowup. Most girls would have reflexively grabbed at the skirt--but, ever the professional, Swift merely scuttled a bit and continued on with her performance. In fact, fans watching her from the front probably had no idea any funny business had gone on. Watch for yourselves: