Facebook's New Chat List

After receiving flak for reorganizing users’ chat lists, social networking giant Facebook did it again: reorganizing the list and placing friends they interact with most at the top of the list.

Friends whose profiles the user interacts with most are listed at the top of the list, while others are placed in a list of “more online friends" below.

The changes were implemented Thursday morning in response to user feedback from a redesign of chat in July, tech site Mashable quoted a Facebook spokesperson as saying.

Mashable noted about 28,000 people had “liked" a Facebook Page entitled “I hate the new Facebook sidebar chat" – the first time Facebook had recently reorganized the chat list.

The latest redesigned chat now stretches from the top of the browser to the bottom instead of being contained to its previous pop-up box.

It showed only a selection of friends instead of everyone who was online.

Before July, all online friends appeared in the same bar in alphabetical order.

Mashable quoted the Facebook spokesperson as saying this most recent change is not a test.