Lady Gaga wears curtains

Lady Gaga is overseas. We know this because she has been tailoring her outfits to her locations, dressing like a panda in Japan and wearing what MTV described as curtains yesterday in Sydney, Australia as... an homage to the city's famous opera house? The Amplifier will accept other theories in the comments, but right now that's the best we've got.

As far as Lady Gaga evening wear goes, the lacy curtain-like garment (it's likely she didn't literally pull a Julie Andrews and yank her hotel's window treatment down) is quite demure, though it may have been suffocating -- note how Gaga seems to be gasping for air in the closeup to the right. The singer wore it to the city's Nevermind nightclub over her face, draping the excess fabric over her arm like a wrap. She paired the curtains with a cigar box purse, which means she accessorized her structured dress with Grandparents Chic. Other folks have referred to the outfit as resembling a burka, though that's pretty inaccurate. It's less like the abaya and scarf Michael Jackson wore in Bahrain in 2008, and more like the head coverings he used to put on his children to shield them from the public, if we're judging on the Pop Star Veil Scale.

Aside from wearing an instant, private VIP room on her face, Lady Gaga has been having quite the foreign adventure in Asia and Australia!

She's been talking about having a mermaid alter ego who may or may not be starring in her next music video.

She has also chatted about how she'd like to star in a Bollywood film.

She was made an honorary citizen of Syndey.

She performed surprise shows in two nightclubs (including Nevermind), prompting officials to warn the public not to crowd the streets in anticipation of a third.

She emerged from a pagoda-like structure on the Aussie TV program SMAPxSMAP and performed three songs.

It is, however, unclear whether news of the umtimely death of another Lady Gaga has reached the real Gaga overseas -- a sick peregrine falcon presumably named after the singer found in Ontario did not survive its wounds.