FarmVille Cheat

  • Farmville cheat codes are available for coins, cash and experience. Find cheats for Farmville throughout the page below. Links to other Farmville cheats are included in this page. Listed within this page are the speed cheats, along with the fastest growing crops.

    FarmVille is a social game developed by Zynga, and available on social networks and iPhones. Launched in June 2009, it became one of the most popular applications on Facebook, garnering 10 million users in less than a month. This is one of the most popular games on the largest social networking system in the world.

    In this MMORPG game, you can buy the farm in a good way. You learn how to plough, plant, reap your harvest, and help your friendly neighbors on this game. This game is for people of all ages, and is easy to learn. Yes, players will find some cheat codes, along with strategy tips and hints for everyone to use.

  • Facebook Farmville Cheat Codes for Speed

    Clear a section in your field of plots, you need to create a nice section of land, which only grass on it. Clear nine spots in a formation. Now ‘walk’ your person in the middle of this section.

    Go to the market, purchase the cheapest fences, and set the fences around the person. After you have set four fences down you will need to turn two of them. You can click on the fence when it is placed and turn it sideways. This effectively blocks in the person and now you can plow and plant much quicker.

    This fence trick is super handy if you have a large amount of area to plow or plant. If you use other items to block in your person, he or she will walk around the perimeter and proceed to plant or plow.

  • Facebook Farmville Cheat Codes for Crop Growing

    Crops grow and ripen at various times. There is no way to stop the crops from growing while you are away from your computer. Plant the crops that take longer to grow when you go away form your computer for a while.

    If you are planning on being away from your computer for 8 hours try planting tomatoes, pumpkins, or sugar cane. All of these items are available at different levels and they can really make the difference in rotting fruit. This saves money and time from clearing rotted crops.

  • Farmville Cheat Codes For Growing the Best Crops

    Planting a field full of strawberries will make a player a lot of money, and although this is not considered one of the cheats, it does help a play to accumulate money and experience quickly. Strawberries in this game take four hours to grow, so this is perfect for people who can log into facebook often.

    The strawberries will give a player the experience needed and the cash to move up the levels quickly. It is time consuming, but well worth the effort if one wishes to make the levels fast.

    Planting a field full of peas which take a day to grow will net the player 7.652 coins an hour and will earn the player 3 experience points per hour. Onions, sunflowers, sugar cane, lilies, grapes, tomatoes, and asparagus are also good buys, but these crops are only available on the higher levels.