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Recently a huge amount of gecko's are being hunted from the forest traded and used as a scam in southeast Asia where people are desperate to become rich and become victim of the fraud, as a part of the scam several international buyers offer and claiming to buy gecko's for several millions of dollars a gecko weighing minimum 300 grams and even several millions for a gecko of 1 kilo above weight these buyers claim that the saliva of the gecko can cure aids and any kind of cancer and that only 300 grams above specimen can be more effective, several sellers will come out of nowhere offer the victim a gecko for cheaper price.

Victim buys the gecko for a large sum and wants to sell the gecko to the international buyers but they will no longer respond to the victim.

Cause International Buyer and seller are partners

Gecko scam on Wikipedia:

Scammers in Jail

We were just informed that 20 scammers are in the hands of authorities as of late afternoon today.

200 Billion Scam

But now they created a “bidding” starting at 200BILLION. First off, who would pay 200 BILLION for a 5.7kilo gecko?

NO ONE. This is either a joke or a kidnap.

Second, if you’re selling a 200Billion gecko, you will be sending proper photos SHOWING different angles. This alone shows the seller’s lack of interest to make money or seriousness of the deal.

We requested from the first broker of this gecko to submit different shots but they never emailed back. Perhaps its just another scam to get buyers to send money?

Pls take note scammers, this photo will NEVER pass so stop this joke and get real geckos.

This is scam folks, there are buyers al over when you look for a gecko tokay suddenly there will be a seller, when you buy the tokay for cheaper, the big buyer disappears, and you have a expensive tokay gecko as pet that will be dead when you can’t feed him.

Please report the Scammer to the Authorities

or send us the details who scammed you

Bukas may 20 stop buying na po nang Gecko, Tokay or Tuko!!!!!
Whuahahahaha mga ulol!! Scam ito, buong Southeast Asia na baliw , nag hahanap nang Tuko.!! .

These animals should be protected from these sort of scams.

How does it work? Ganito yan

May bumibili ng tuko for 15million pesos. Buyer << Scammer 1

Nag hahanap sila, ikaw at buong Pilipinas nag hahanap nang Tuko

wala naman talaga 300 gram above na tuko , imported lang mga yun.

lahat na mga tao nag huhuling nang kahit anong size na tuko ayaw naman nila bilhin 300gram below na tuko

tapos may mga lalapit at ibebenta ung tuko nila. imported na malalaki

<< Scammer 2

Kaya lang since di daw sumasagot ung buyer, ibebenta nila sa murang halaga. say 100k << Scammer

bibilhin na lang ng ikaw o isang tao yun para sya mag benta sa buyer << Victim.

Which is di naman talaga bibilhin.


Scammer 100k +

Victim 100k -

scam nga!

Yun kunita pang isa eh yun mga inutusan mag huli nang mga maliliit na tuko 500 pesos per Tuko

you can see the profiles on sulit

1) Big Buyers

Big Buyers there are no address or other info this account came out of nowhere it started all this month

only a telephone number that cost 30 pesos simcar and a free email from yahoo or gmail

2) Sellers

- Seller profiles there are 2 kinds those who go to the forest to catch tuko and those who bought from the hunters

- Second Scammer sellers, offering Tuko gecko for 30,000 to 500,000 pesos

3) Brokers

brokers have all information on there profiles including address and landline

4 ) Small Buyers

Buyers have all information on there profiles including address and landline

5 ) Spammers

Nag popost nang mga blogs at articles, para i search nyo sa internet may mga reviews na, may naka benta at

nag popost nang ads, na naging mayaman sya. part of the scam ito

6 ) Mistery Shoppers

nag papangap na, true ang story, na cure sa aids at cancer

so people will have to believe it's true, and another story na mayaman na daw sya. at pumunta sa malaysia na

laboratory bla bla bla.

search the internet well the same story on different blogs, but nothing from reputable website all on unknown small website where blog posting is free.

why most buyers and sellers have picture of gecko tuko that are from google images

why most buyers and sellers have picture of gecko tuko that are from google images

These animal are very common in Asia no endangered, and it doesn't cure anything,

why 300 gram

why most buyers and sellers have picture of gecko tuko that are from google images

these picture they got from the internet, cause they never had seen or bought a gecko before.

Why they need pictures to show as proof to other buyer they can scam

1 buyer says , ti's export worth

another buyer says, the saliva enzymes are stronger

another one says it's expensive cause they are indangered.

they say tomorrow will be stop buying tomorrow there will be people offering you gecko

this happened in Indonia and Malaysia, there are no big buyers, only those people like you wanting to buy

but when you sell it the big buyer is no more.

gecko for sale don't buy

If it's to good to be true is scam

You have been Warned!

300 grams

400 grams

500 grams

worth millions are not true

I have been getting reports coming from these scammer trying to shut down this account

but i hope sulit will not deactivate this i already countered the reports

i am sure this account will not be deleted.